Career For Me
subsidiary of Ad Astra group
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Career For Me is a network of companies and young professionals interested in creating brilliant futures together

About Us:

Career For Me is a subsidiary of Ad Astra Group, a Youth Initiative which provides career planning and management services to students and young professionals. strives to build a community of organizations, companies and young professionals who want to increase the number of skill-building and employment opportunities presented to youth. Career For Me is an international campaign which is supported by Ad Astra Group and its partners.

As an organization which is run for youth by youth in close collaboration with private sector companies, understands the barriers faced by all stakeholders.

We believe that together we can identify and resolve the issues which cause youth unemployment thus empowering young talent and businesses while contributing to a thriving economy and playing our part in increasing youth employment worldwide.

Youth unemployment is not an issue faced solely by young professionals. If we continue to ignore it, sooner or later, in one way or another, it will affect us all. So let’s start by joining forces and creating brilliant futures together, today.
As representatives of the private sector, as education providers, students and young professionals we invite you to join our efforts.